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It’s not easy to build something that can resist the impact of nature. Lovers of the great outdoors, dedicated camping fanatics and professional wildlife seekers are the only ones that typically travel this path. By having this experience, knowledge and mindset, we at NIGOR have come up with great ideas that serve our need to seek adventure. There will be no compromises, no second guesses and no unfinished business. NIGOR creates and delivers. We love the outdoors, we dream the outdoors, we design for the outdoors and we would like to share our passion with you. We believe our equipment offers a unique experience for every journey you want to take.

Lightweight but Strong

We want to create lightweight products, without compromising quality and usability. We have chosen the very best materials, fabrics and poles we could find. Our long experience in producing outdoor brands gives us the opportunity to manufacture our products using the best workmanship available.