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Didis 2

Didis 2

Product Review (submitted on 30 November 2015):
We´ve used the tent on our 2 month hiking trip during summer on a distance of 700-800 km from Storlien in Sweden to Sognedalfjord in Norway. Because we had to carry everything we would need during that time, including all the supplies (food, gas, water etc.) it was extremely important for us to watch out for an ultralight construction. Nevertheless, it had to be build as solid and strong as possible, due to the fact that the scandinavian summer can become quite windy, cold and rainy especially in certain areas and heights along our way and we would have to spend every night in it, no matter what. So we chose the DIDIS2 to fulfil the balancing act between weight and stability and should not be disappointed at all. Except from deep snow we´ve had nearly every thinkable weather- and sleeping condition and would like to summarize our Pros and Cons for those of you who are interested as follows:

+ First of all and in particular the weight, of course. But not only the weight for itself but rather the quiet impressive weight/ size/ stability ratio has been very convincing in this construction.
+ As part of the first point but nevertheless worth mentioning seperately, the tent pegs which are included. Very light and very stable also for stony ground.
+ Also very important if you are gone for a long time with much stuff and supplies, there is more than enough space and room for 2 Persons and all the luggage you carry. The apside is definitely sufficient for two 50-60 L backpacks and one person to dress/gearup/prepare cooking etc.
+ It is indeed (maybe with one minor exemption: see the last Con) a four seasons tent from our point of view. No matter if rain (also much of it) or sub-zero temperatures or even snow, it kept us warm and dry. Furthermore, compared to other products we´ve used in the past the material seemed to be very breathable with less amounts of water condensation in the morning.
+ The tent is very adjustable (which in our view can be a Pro as well as a Con), so you can adjust it to nearly every ground and steepnes, if you are used to adjusting it and have some practice. If not it´s rather a Con because it´s not that easy allways putting it up perfectly accurate in every terrain.
+ Building it up and packing it really doesn´t take much time. There aren´t any unnecessary parts and the whole construction and all its components seem to be well thought out.
+ The Nigor Contact especially! Fast, uncomplicated and very accomodating.
- The mesh somehow produced threads, although we handled the mesh very carefully. We continuously tried to figure out the reason for that but really didn´t get to the bottom of this problem. Although this was clearly a Con for us, this point is more than overcompensated by the very fast, uncomplicated and very accomodating contact and treatment of this matter through Nigor.
- It was very difficult to tighten the footend of the outer fabric appropriately. Although it wasn´t severe, it never seemed to fit perfectly and the reason remained a mystery for us.
- Strong Wind seemed to be the only condition in which the tent didnt´t feel very well. Of course like all tunnels you have to position it right, build it up and tighten it perfectly but at the end strong and ongoing wind is maybe its only weakness (of course you have to take into account that its an ultralight solution and it should be clear that a 2,5kg tent cannot be a bunker).