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Didis 2

Didis 2

Product Review (submitted on 2 January 2016):
This tent is excellent in warmer conditions.

+ Very light
+ Easy to set up, very good when it rains because the inner then doesn't get wet
+ Perfect color for camping in nature
+ Perfect size for two people, not to big but still enough space
+ Very resistant to the wind
+ Good price

- But it has a big problem at the footend from the inner and outer tent. It is impossible to tighten it correctly, and believe us we tried! If you are travelling in warm conditions then this shouldn't be a problem. But if you travel in cold conditions it could be because the inner tent is in permanent contact with the sleeping bags. This means that the humidity (condensation) that is inside and outside the inner tent directly goes on the sleeping bags...which means they are colder!

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