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Innovation is woven into our Nylon ripstop fly fabric. We use four different densities: Gorlyn 10 for our lightweight tents, Gorlyn 20 for trekking and 3-season tents, Gorlyn 30 for our all-season tents and Gorlyn 40 for our expedition tents.

Gorlyn fabric has been constructed using high-tenacity nylon 6.6, which has a higher tensile strength than regular and most used nylon in tent construction. Our Gorlyn fabric is 4 to 5 times stronger than most of the other high end lightweight fabrics used in tents. Our fabrics have been tested by TÜV (ISO 13937-4 see below chart). 




The weight is lower than regular tent fabrics. We apply a coating of pure silicone, without other chemicals. The coating has been done in three steps, 2 base layers on the back side and one layer on the front side.

This results in the most durable and water repellent protection. The silicone treatment has no affect on the fabric strength of our fabrics, as a result of the higher melting point of 6.6 Nylon.

Normal PU coatings tend to reduce the tear strength up to 70%, which in our opinion weakens the fabrics too much to use them in lightweight tent designs.



Gorlyn fabric properties:

- Better weathering properties; better sunlight resistance

- Much higher tear strength depending on the yarn weight (ISO 13937-4)

- More compact molecular structure

- Higher melting point (256 C)

- Superior colorfastness

- Excellent abrasion resistance

- High resistance to insects, fungi, animals, as well as molds, mildew, rot and many chemicals

- Melts instead of burning


Tent floor fabrics:

The tent floor is made from a 20D or 40D nylon ripstop with a laminated thermo-plastic polyurethane (TPU) coating. TPU coatings have greater bonding durability and better abrasion resistance than conventional liquid-applied PU coatings.




Our new transparent breathable fabric FabVue, which provides a panoramic view and good ventilation. In some tents we have replace mesh windows by FabVue to reduce the weight.


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