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ZeroG L

ZeroG L

Product Review (submitted on 2 January 2018):
I have been using the earlier version (2014?) of this pack for two years - I believe the current version has a few small improvements, but nothing major. 1100g for a fully-functioning 53L pack is properly light, and I have not found it to be compromised in its effectiveness, in the 10kg-15kg carrying range. The fabric used is tough and hardwearing, and the frame/backpad/hipbelt system works well as long as you bear in mind that being a light pack, it is important to arrange the load intelligently.

Over extended use, my respect has grown for this pack as its features reveal themselves in real-life performance. It has clearly been designed by some very clever people who understand what serious hikers need. I can't see myself replacing this pack any time soon. Thank you Nigor!