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 TRX eco duralumin




Eco-Duralumin pole Technology

We use poles manufactured by Osung with Eco-Duralumin alloy using environmental friendly eco-magnesium. No toxic sulfur hexafluoride and sulfur dioxide have been used. Both materials are classified as materials causing the destruction of the ozone layer, which is one of the reasons for global warning.

We use TRX Airlite poles in our tents and chairs which are made of Hi-strength ECO-Duralumin alloy . 

DAC Poles


In some of our lightweight tents we use DAC aluminium poles. The aluminium alloy used in DAC's poles is DAC's own, called TH72M. TH72M is the aluminium alloy developed by DAC and used in the outdoor adventure equipment industry wherever maximum strength with minimum weight is required. We have used the NSL poles and where possible the newly developed even lighter and stronger NFL pole. 

PL Poles

In 2015 we were the first brand introducing DAC PL 13.55mm poles in our Laughing Owl tent. Now we also use the PL poles in the Barn Owl and the Spix expedition tent.

The 13.55 mm poles are 45% stiffer than 11mm poles but they weigh 7% LESS than those poles. Compared to the NSL 9.6mm, they're just 1/3rd heavier but they're 2X stronger and almost 3X stiffer. Another advantage of the PL pole is its extreme elasticity that gives it its unique property compared to "regular" aluminum poles. The pole's flexing without breaking or even losing its straightness is unmatched. 


Green Anodizing

The DAC poles are manufactured using a Green Anodizing process with the aim to minimize toxic chemicals in the anodizing. We use DAC's eco-friendly poles in our tents.


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